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Programming Skills


About This Course

This course is for fresh graduates, corporate professionals, and automation testers looking to build or advance their career in Testing Automation for Web and Mobile applications. The course contains selected videos that will introduce the concept and provide necessary training to implement automated tests from Web and Mobile Applications.

After completing this course you will be able to

• Setup the tool,

• Develop sufficient understanding of programming language and tools to start test automation

• Execute test cases for Web and Mobile Applications

The course will also explore one of the powerful tools developed by NIMBAL for Test Automation. The objective is to help make the software industry better by freely gathering and imparting the knowledge of software testing to the world. You need not pay a single cent for any of our content; all you need is the willingness to learn. Also, you are free to use our content for better means.


Q. What are the system requirements to start online tutoring? (Computer, writing pad)

Ans. To get online tutoring, you need a computer with a broadband connection. Special equipment or software is not needed.

Q.What are the payment methods?

Ans. It is a free course.