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Nimbal Auto With HeadSpin - Android and IOS Test Automation


About This Course

Android and iOS Test Automation using Web IDE and HeadSpin Devices

In this course, Nimbal Web IDE is integrated with HeadSpin devices to automate Android and iOS Testing.

After completing this course you will be able to:

• Spin Web IDE for Test Automation,

• Develop sufficient understanding of writing Test Scripts to start Test Automation on Web IDE

• Automate Android and iOS Testing

• Work on Virtual devices provided by Headspin

Nimbal Auto uses the Gherkin low code, simple English language to write tests and we have pre-written most of the commonly used test steps. The framework is Java-based, therefore it can run compiled code easily at scale.

Likewise, HeadSpin helps in Automating the tests easily through data science insights. The Differentiating capabilities which Headspin has is the Extensive end-to-end automation of QA process, Comparative analysis of app performance against peers,Continuous monitoring of app performance using synthetic data for higher availability of apps and Easy-to-use developer friendly platform